We know that choosing the right piece of wall art online can be tricky, so we've created this place as a resource where you can access all the information you need to take the guess work away.

First of all, when you're ordering a piece of all art you'll have to make a decision between art prints and canvas wall art. Both have their place and what your preference is may depend on your personal taste or the look and feel of the space you're decorating.  

Art Prints

Our unframed art prints are printed on quality art paper and are delivered rolled in an art tube. They are printed to order in Australia and generally ship out within a couple of days of you ordering. 

We do them in standard sizes so you can easily find frames at your local shops to match. 

We also offer a range of framed prints. Please check your listing for details but if you can't see the framing option you want on the piece you're looking for, please message us and we can arrange you a custom order. 

Our art print sizes are:

Medium - A3 Prints (297 x 420mm each)

Large -A2 Prints (420 x 594mm each)

Extra Large - A1 Prints (594 x 841mm each)

Please bear in mind when ordering prints that a lot of off-the-shelf frames require prints the next size down if you intend to keep the white mats they come with.

For example, many A2 frames only need A3 size prints if you intend to keep the white mat in. For more information on picking a great frame, check out our blog post here which explains this in a bit more detail. 


Canvas Prints

Our canvas prints are printed on quality 320 GSM canvas and stretched onto timber frames in Australia. They are printed using top quality materials, meaning they'll be looking as great as the day they arrived for many, MANY years to come. Think of them like buying a piece of fine art (but without the price tag). 

Our canvas prints come ready to hang and look great as is, or you can choose to finish them off in a floating frame. Our floating frames come in four standard colours - black, white, oak colour or natural timber colour. The depth of the floating framed art prints off the wall is about 4 centimetres. The width of the frame on the face is about 2cm. You can get a closer look at our frames on our showcase video here:


Our frames are made of composite materials to keep them lightweight, ensuring that hanging your artwork is always as simple as possible. 

Our canvas sizes:

Some of our canvases have sizes like 'big' or 'large' instead of measurements. When you see that, the sizes used are typically:

Medium: 40 x 60cm

Large: 60 x 90cm

Extra Large: 120 x 90cm

We can do many sizes but generally only have a few listed to keep things simple. If you're looking for a size other than what's listed, just get in touch with our team to arrange a custom piece. 

Floating framed wall art prints

Should I choose an art print or canvas wall art?

As a general rule, when you're choosing a large, feature piece like a bold abstract, canvas art is a great choice. For smaller, more elegant prints like coastal photographs or simple botanical illustrations, choosing an art print (or several of them) is preferred. 

But the great thing about our wall art is that the rules are here to be broken. Spend a bit of time looking at our product shots, seeing how others have styled their wall art in our customer gallery or even browse our Pinterest page or Instagram to get some inspiration.