About I Heart Wall Art

I Heart Wall Art was started in 2018 by Edwina Cameron to provide a range of high-end, unique wall art options for Australian homes and workplaces.

Edwina's background is in nature conservation, and her love of Australian nature is reflected across the range's use of quality, sustainably-sourced materials and nature-focused designs. 

Our range has grown to include hundreds of pieces, created by a large range of artists and photographers from around the world. 

We have a core team of artists and photographers who collaborate to create many of our designers, called the I Heart Wall Art collective. 

We make all our pieces to order in Australia to high quality standards.

Most pieces are made in Melbourne, but some of our range is still created in Maleny (Sunshine Coast) where our office is based. 

We have production partners around the world we work with, so if you're looking to ship something internationally, please reach out to us.

We welcome custom orders and enquiries, so contact our friendly team with any questions you may have.  

Gerry cutting a canvas