Framed Fine Art Prints

For a classic, traditional look and feel, it's hard to go past framed art prints as an option!

While we love our poster prints  (they're an irresistably affordable way to get the look and choose your own frame), if you have the budget, there's no doubt that getting a framed art print is a superior option. 

Framed art prints come on fine art paper with a rich texture. They're mounted on backing boards so they won't wrinkle or crease over time and the frames are guaranteed not to buckle or warp, which can be a problem with MDF ready-made frames. 

Our framed fine art prints come in four different frame colours - white, black, natural timber (a light timber) and walnut (a dark timber). 

This is what the natural timber looks like up close:

Natural Timber Frame

Each frame is solid timber. 

Across the face, each framed fine art print is about one inch wide (that's three centimetres).

A 3mm plexiglass front completes the product, ensuring safe shipping and protecting your artwork. 

Gerry from I Heart Wall Art explains the product and shows the front and back in this quick vid below: