What Is Wall Art

You've heard the term wall art used and know it means art for your walls - because that much, at least, is pretty obvious.

But, have you ever wondered how wall art differs from fine art, prints and all the other terms for decorative things you can hang on your walls?

We've pulled together this quick explainer to outline some of the key things that define what wall art is, and examine why it's so important to completing the look and feel of your space.

Is wall art hand-painted, or prints?

Wall art is a term used to refer to any art you want to hang from your walls including original paintings. 

These days though, the term is more commonly used to refer to prints - on paper, canvas or other materials. 

Once upon a time, your main options when wanting something to adorn your walls would have been to choose a piece of work created by an artist.

Artists generally create their pieces as a form of personal expression and way of telling the story of the world through their own eyes. Art created by artists is usually called fine arts. Incorporating fine art into a space is a great way to create character and personality -- but it can also be expensive. 

Filling all your blank walls with selections of fine art isn't an option for most of us, so making selections of wall art prints can be a great way to bring colour and personality into your home at a lower price.

What Is Wall Art?


How do I choose wall art?

There's a couple of real motivations people have when choosing a piece of wall art for their home or workspace.

Firstly, you might choose something because you just love its subject matter, or colours. You might fall in love with a picture that looks like your dog, or a print that has a particular shade of dark pink you've always coveted.

Pink Floral Wall Art

Or, you might be looking for a piece of wall art to complete a certain look. If you're trying to create a Hampton-style, coastal interior you're likely to choose something in simple blue and oatmeal tones. 

Hamptons Wall Art Prints


Are wall decals wall art?

Of course! Wall decals are an incredibly popular and cost-effective form of wall art, and we're seeing them used across more and more spaces in our homes. Where once wall decals were solely the domain of kids' rooms and nurseries, the amazing appeal of being able to quickly change the look and feel of a space with the application of a wall sticker means wall decals are moving into more and more spaces. 

Not only that, but new technologies have made wall stickers and decals easier to remove and reuse than ever before, making them the perfect option for many households. 

Whatever your personal tastes are when it comes to choosing wall art for your walls, we hope you'll find something perfect in our wall art collections. If you'd like to request something special, feel free to reach out to our friendly team


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