What exactly is Hamptons style?

What is Hamptons style?

Have you noticed that Hamptons style interiors are huge right now? If you’ve looked at a magazine, Pinterest board or design blog recently, it’s likely you’ve seen this trend doing the rounds. 

Well, now for the great news: Hamptons style may be on-trend, but it’s also elegant and timeless. Choose this style to decorate your home and you can be assured that you’ll be on-trend for many, MANY years to come.

So, what exactly is Hamptons Style when it comes to decorating, and how can you use it in your home?

The term Hamptons originates from the Hamptons region of Long Island, New York. It’s a place where the rich have gathered for their Summer holidays for generations - and they’ve chosen to decorate their homes there in a classic, beach-inspired style. 

Hamptons Style Home Wall Art Print

That style has become iconic - a slightly more relaxed version of its ornate, gilt-encrusted cousin French Provincial style. 

Hamptons style involves a lot of whites, creams and beiges with classic blue accents, particularly in furnishings and wall art. 

Hamptons style also generally includes some coastal touches - often in the wall art, or the patterns of soft furnishings. 

It’s a style particularly popular in Australia, where our love of relaxed, bright and clean interiors - and the beach-  makes it a natural fit. 

So, what are some tips for doing a Hamptons style interior?

  1. Remember to keep it clean, bright and simple. Layer white upon white and look for quality in your finishings. This style is about timeless elegance and understated style - not going big and bold. Less is more!
  2. It’s a good idea to look for antique furnishings, rather than heading to Ikea to load up on flatpacks, when decorating a room in Hamptons style. If your budget doesn’t stretch to antiques, then a quick dive into the treasure trove of Facebook Marketplace should yield results. 
  3. Furniture in the Hamptons style is often painted, rather than left raw. If you’re not generally an Up-Cycler, don’t be scared off. A can of spray chalk paint is about $15 from your hardware store. Furniture finished in chalk paint needs no sanding or prep, so it’s a quick and simple way to get that relaxed, coastal look. Still doesn’t sound like your thing? Again, jump into Facebook Marketplace. There’s plenty of people out there selling pieces they’ve already done the hard yards on!
  4. Keep your coastal touches to a minimum. A subtle nod in your artworks, with some good quality Hamptons prints, or a subtle pattern in a fabric is enough. If you’re hanging fish net from your ceiling or sticking starfish to your walls, you’ve probably gone too far (Although, if that’s what you love, then go for it!). 
  5. Rules are made to be broken! While traditional Hamptons styling was all about coastal touches, if you're decorating a city home, you might want to think about swapping out the beachy vibe. We've developed our range of other Hamptons designs, including our Monstera and indoor plants, to offer people this alternative. 



You can look at our Pinterest board for some more Hamptons style inspiration if you’re interested in seeing more of how this gorgeous style is being used in interiors in Australia and beyond. 

To view our current Hamptons wall art pieces, click the link or search Hamptons. 


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