What is Grandmillennial Style?

Given the unprecedented year that 2020 turned out to be, it's perhaps no surprise that it's had significant impact on design trends and the interior spaces we've chosen to spend time in - and that's certainly been reflected in what we've been hanging on our walls.

2020 and all that it's brought with it has, understandably, brought an urge to nest for many of us. Whether we've been stuck at home a little or a lot, it's not surprise we've devoted more time and energy to adorning our homes and interiors with things we love and that make us feel safe and secure. 

Increasingly, the clean lines and minimimalism that were the trademark of Australian interiors for so long are disappearing under a tsunami of texture and pattern and floral and chintz. Love it or loathe it, maximalism might be here to stay - at least for a while yet. 

Yellow Floral Canvas Print

This trend towards wallpaper and lace and mismatched floral prints has been given a name - grandmillenial style - or, simply, Granny Chic. 

Incorporating grandmillenial wall art into your space

Florals and lace and pattern oh my! 

If the thought of filling your house with your Nanna's mothballed sheet sets and lace tablecloths leaves you less than thrilled, there's good news.

Incorporating some layered textural pieces into your wall art is a great way to get some of the warm, layered, cocoon-y feels into your space without going full Grandma. 

We've pulled together a few pieces from our collection to give you some ideas:

Our Walk In The Garden collection (available in blue, yellow and turquoise) is a great place to start. 

Grandmillenial Style Wall Art in Turquoise


These prints of richly textured pieces give a modern take on florals, meaning they work well in classic or contemporary spaces. Mix and match with your other patterns and fabrics for full Granny Chic-cred.

Chinoiserie wall art 

Chinoiserie is also having a moment in interiors and, of course,  wall art. This Western adaptation of Eastern style features ornate Chinese-inspired drawings - usually of plants and birds. 

Chinoiserie Wall Art Print Set
This three piece set is perfect for bringing a bit of Asian style - subtly - into your space. The great thing about this style is that it starts where East meets West - think ancient Asian artefacts on display in your grandparent's home in the English countryside. 

Channeling the English country house in your wall art

While we're on the topic of the English countryside, that's another source of inspiration for Grandmillenial style. 
Sweet, mis-matched patterns through wallpaper and soft furnishings can be accented with bold splashes of colour in wall art.
English Country Garden Wall Art
Making this layered, patterned style work is all about layers and not being too fussy about matching colours or textures throughout a space. Remember, this trend is all about throwing back to a time when life was simpler, bed linen was patterned and comfortable and the art on your walls was designed to make you feel good.
Introduce pieces a little a time and be prepared to move things around your space, layer them and build on them over time.
While we're all confined to our homes a whole lot more than normal, now's the time to play with your space and make it as comfortable and homely as you want it.

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