Our top five favourite pieces of Australian wildlife wall art

Living in Australia means a lot of things – bushfires, snakes, spiders - and, inevitably, burning the soles of your feet on scorching sand or bitumen at least once every summer.

With such challenges to living here, in can be easy to forget all the amazing plants and animals we live amongst. Did you know that Australia has one of the greatest varieties of plants and animals of any country in the world? The great range of landscapes on our beautiful island include everything from dessert to Outback, rainforest to tropical coast, alpine mountain ranges to blue sandy coasts. 

In these landscapes live a large range of gorgeous plants and animals, so we thought we’d celebrate 2020 by kicking off with our list of favourite Australian wildlife wall art, counting down from five to one. 

5. Our cute collection of koala, wallaby, wombat and possum wall art

Ok, we realise featuring four animals for the price of one is cheating, BUT it's hard to imaging not hanging these animals together. These pieces are the perfect celebration of the unique wildlife that makes our country so special. Shop them here

Fun fact: Koalas can be picky eaters, eating less than 50 of over 700 species of eucalypt tree.They'll often choose the leaves at the top of the tallest trees which contain more liquid and nutrients. Source

Australian canvas wildlife Wall Art


4. Pink Cockatoo Wall Art Print

It's hard not to love a cockatoo. These cheeky birds are quintessentially Australian, and feature prominently in what we love about our country's birds. Shop them here

Fun fact: Cockatoos mate for life, choosing one partner and sticking with them. They mate once a year, between December and March. Source

Pink Cockatoo and Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Pair Wall Art


3. Cuddly Koala Wall Art Print

This gorgeous celebration of the beautiful koala is perfect for a child's bedroom, or any other space where it's gorgeous pink colouring and style will work. 

Shop it here

Fun fact: Koalas don't actually get high off eucalyptus leaves, despite what you may have heard. The leaves they eat are low in nutrients, which makes the koalas pretty drowsy most of the time. Source. 

Cuddly Koala Art Print


2. Hello Owl - Eastern Barn Owl Ready To Hang Wall Art

From our ready to hang collection, this print of two beautiful Eastern Barn owls peeking from their tree is a favourite. Shop it here

Fun Fact: Barn Owls are the most widespread of the owls, found on every continent in the world except Antarctica. Source

Eastern Barn Owl Ready To Hang Wall Art

1. Our Black Cockatoo Wall Art

This gorgeous pair of black cockatoos are the perfect pair, celebrating one of the best (We know The Guardian's Bird of The Year poll says otherwise) and most beautiful Australian birds. Purchase here.

Fun fact: There are six different species of Black Cockatoos in Australia but only two of them are common: the Yellow and Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos. All Black Cockatoos are sociable and enjoy hanging out in large groups but they are also happy spending quality ‘couple time’ with their partners. Source.

Black Cockatoo Pair Wall Art Canvas print


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