Abstract and Contemporary Wall Art

There's a lot to love about abstract wall art. If you're looking for something to make your space sing - but don't necessarily want to commit to a 'theme' or concept for your space, a piece of abstract wall art can be the perfect option. Abstract art works well across a range of interior decor styles, from contemporary to classic and - with so much on offer, you're sure to be able to find a piece to match your style and space. We've listed some of our favourites below. 

Amira Rahim's Swang on Stretched Canvas 

We're coming out of the starting block with some seriously bold colours! If you're a lover of turquoise, you're in good company - and you've got many options to pick from. Swang is a beautiful celebration of life and has a blue and pink colour palette designed to feature in your space. 

Amira Rahim Swang Canvas Wall Art Print

Burnt Forest Original Artwork Stretched Canvas Art Print

From our own collection of original artworks, this print features more subtle soft shades of pink and navy blue. It was developed as a response to the 2020 Australian bushfire crisis. A gorgeous piece with a serious underlying message about a changing planet. 

Burnt Forest Original Artwork Canvas Art Print

Days Like These Original Artwork Stretched Canvas Art Print

Keeping in theme with the bold and pink, this vibrant piece is a beautiful celebration of life. It has a palette of navy blue and pink and is another piece perfect to feature as a statement wall art in your space. 

Bright Colourful ABstract Canvas Wall ARt

In The Springtime Original Abstract Artwork Stretched Canvas Art Print

In The Springtime is another bold rendering of turquoise and pink. This piece depicts a field of flowers in the springtime. 

Abstract Springtime Turquoise Wall Art Canvas Print

Amira Rahim New Beginnings Original Artwork print on stretched canvas

For any lover of abstract art, it's hard to go past the beautiful work of Amira Rahim. Her beautiful works feature prominently in I Heart Wall Art's collection.  Featuring bold explosions of colour and beautiful, enduring style they're destined to be favourites. 

Amira Rahim New Beginnings

Soft Memories Original Abstract Wall Art Stretched Canvas Prints

Soft Memories is another subtle piece, featuring a muted pastel colour palette. It's soft and dreamy and perfect in contemporary homes. 

Soft memories pastel abstract wall art

Light Show Abstract Bokeh Wall Art Print

Light Show is a soft, subtle piece - perfect for a bedroom or soft-style living area. 

Light Show Abstract Wall Art

Amira Rahim Date Night Stretched Canvas Wall Art

Back to the bold colours! Date Night is another favourite of Amira Rahim's, featuring bold colours and a beautiful, energetic style.

Amira Rahim Date Night Stretched Canvas Wall Art

We hope you've found something to love in this collection of abstract wall art! Remember to check out our full collection of abstract pieces to find something you love. 

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