How to use boho wall art in your home

 There's little doubt that one of the hottest trends in interiors at the moment is boho -- and this Earthy, relaxed style shows no sign of going anywhere soon. 
We've pulled together this quick guide to what works - and doesn't - when it comes to picking wall art for your boho space.

What is boho design?

Boho (short for bohemian) design involves using natural and organic colours, materials and style to create a soft and serene interior space. 
This style is a twist on classic 1970s/1980s style, involving a more washed out colour palette - but similar focus on earthy and organic features. 
The colour palettes for boho interiors involve plenty of naturally-inspired tones like soft peaches, ochres and greens. 
Boho Wall Art Deadlake Photographic Print

What typical design features are found in boho homes?

Boho is just one of the design trends around at the moment that focuses on a relaxed, homely approach to interior styling. A cleaner and less chintzy version of the rich, floral stylings of the grandmillenials, there are a few key design features you'll often find in a boho styled home. 
    • Plants, plants and more plants. Bringing the outside in through an abundance of plants is a great way to quickly create a natural and earthy feel in your space. 
    • Good quality fibres. Less is more when doing boho style successfully, but using good quality materials is key. Layering cream-toned linens on your couch and using large rattan rugs will give you the relaxed, boho vibe super-fast. Antique linens will instantly give you a lived in feel, or opt for cream-toned cottons if your budget doesn't stretched to linen.
    • Macrame. This flashback from the 1970s has taken the world by storm again recently. Aside from being practical (how else are you supposed to hang all those gorgeous plants you've been cultivating?), macrame is an easy way to quickly get that boho feel. 
    • Muted, earthy colours. After years on the back-seat of popularity, orange and peach tones have made a come-back  and they don't look to be going anywhere soon. We're seeing pinks, oranges and yellows layered together to create warm and welcoming interiors. 
Eucalypt Forest Canvas Print

What should you hang on your walls for boho style?

The great thing about boho style is you can afford to be a little free and easy with your wall art. There's no hard and fast rules for what works and what doesn't, but we've outlined some of the most popular choices we see our customers want for their boho spaces.

Graphic prints in earthy tones

Simple collections of themed prints, either the same size or in differing sizes, are a great way to get the look. The themes of our most popular graphic print sets tend to be natural landscapes in oranges, pinks and greens. 
Gypsy Home Three Piece print Set

Soft, pastel tones

Muted tones of pastel pinks, peaches, citrus tones and greens are a big hit for boho style. 

A Little Garden

Boho Three Piece Beach Print Set

My Beach Memories

Photographic Art Prints

Photographic art prints are a great way to channel a boho vibe in your space. Finish them off in a simple black or natural timber frame with a classic white mat. 
Cobbled Streets of Edinburgh print set

Cobbled Streets of Edinburgh


If the real thing isn't your cup of tea, why not incorporate this boho classic in your art? Our macrame print set features close up photos of three softly-toned macrame pieces. Perfect when finished in our natural toned frames.
Boho canvas print natural frames

Macrame Boho Print Set

Australian nature

The colour palette of our beautiful wilderness is perfectly suited to a boho-themed space. Pick prints of eucalypt flowers or bark, wattles or waratahs or banksias to complement your space. 
Country Road photographic print
Remember, the key with boho is that it doesn't have to be perfect. Keep the colour palette light and neutral, keep your fabrics good quality and organic and don't be afraid to experiment with tone and texture. 

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