How To Pick Floral Wallpaper For Your Space


Many of us love incorporating florals into our loves in one way or another. From a fresh bunch of flowers brought home from the markets, to a favourite floral-patterned dress, surrounding ourselves with flowers is a simple way to remind ourselves of some of life's finer things.

And now, with wallpaper back in a big way, it's easier than ever to bring floral delights into your space - bigger and brighter than ever before. 


We've put together a few tips for choosing a floral wallpaper to suit your home or workplace, whatever your design style is. 

Will your wallpaper be the feature of your space?

Before you pick out your pattern, it helps to pay some thought to your space and what's already in there. Do you want this wallpaper to be a dominant feature, or an accent to the pieces you already have?

Floral Wallpaper




Pattern size makes a difference:

When you're choosing a wallpaper design, the size of the pattern you choose can make a big difference. 

A pattern run small and delicate is going to give you a more traditional style (eg, the on-trend  Grandmillenial style, which we've discussed in another blog post).

If you're looking to channel a traditional or country style in your space, keeping your patterns small and refined might be a better option. 

Meanwhile, going with big and bold will instantly give you a more contemporary look.  

Floral patterned yellow wallpaper


Colour Counts When It Comes to Florals

However, choosing a large, bold pattern doesn't necessarily mean a contemporary look. In fact, you can easily still create a timeless look and feel by keeping your colour palette simple. 

This farmhouse bathroom features a bold design, but manages to keep things classic by using a simple blue and white colour scheme. 

Floral Farmhouse Bathroom Wallpaper


The Flower Itself Matters


it's not just colour and style which comes in and out of fashion. Flowers themselves come and go from favour. More traditional styles of flowers are a better feature when you're looking to channel old-fashioned styles. 

Choosing something like Australian natives is a better option for a contemporary space. 

Mix Your Florals

This sweet design adds a twist to traditional floral wallpaper designs by incorporating Australian native animals into the design too. 

Floral Wallpaper Pattern With Australian Native Animals



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