Winter Warming Wall Art

With the cooler months coming, our thoughts have turned to simple ways we can create cosiness in our homes.

Using art prints and gorgeous canvas wall art is an easy way to bring a touch of comfort, texture and warmth into your space and, the current trend towards warm, earthy colours means it's never been easier to find pieces that will make your home ready for the cooler months in no time. 

Here's a few tips to create warmth using wall art:

  • Stick to colours with warmer bases like reds, pinks, oranges, yellows.
  • Don't skip the pattern! Pattern is great for creating a feel of warmth and comfort in a home. 
  • Consider wallpaper! Gone are the days when wallpaper used to be an expensive ordeal. Our range of Easy Wallpaper is peel and stick, meaning you can hang it yourself in an afternoon, so there's never been a better time to experiment with bringing texture and tone into your home. 

Including a little contrast with cooler colours from the spectrum helps keeps things fresh and means you won't be searching for new pieces when the warm months hit again....

We've listed a few of our favourite choices for instant winter warmth below. 

Moroccan Visions Two Piece Print Set

It's hard to go past this gorgeous two piece print set when searching for warm, earthy colours for your space. This print set, featuring two beautiful ornate mosaic doors from Morocco, is richly-coloured and an easy way to bring some warm, boho chic into your home or workplace. 

Moroccan Visions Two Piece Print Set

Faded Glory Canvas Print By Edie Fogarty

This big, bold boho print features on-trend oranges, yellows and a hit of pink and aqua blue to keep things fresh. 

Faded Glory Boho Art Print On Canvas

Bohemian Waves Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to create a feeling of warmth, with wall to wall coverage creating a cocoon like feeling that's perfect for nestling in with a hot chocolate. 

Our bohemian waves collection is a the perfect choice, with its deep colour palettes and contemporary shapes. 

And, if wallpaper isn't your thing, these gorgeous boho prints are also available in canvas and art prints.

Bohemian Waves Wallpaper

Orchid Garden Wallpaper

Orchid Garden Wallpaper

Using rich, deep colours and heavy patterns will instantly create a feeling of warmth and comfort in your space. If you're worried about overdoing it, just cover one wall. 


Gypsy Dreams Three Piece Print Set

Bring a gentle touch of deep-tones into your home with this set. Its gentle pink and ochre hues are calming and restful, making this a great set for living and sleeping spaces. 

Gypsy Dreams Three Piece Boho Wall Art Set

Warming Circular Terrazzo Decals

If you're looking to incorporate some tone and texture into your kids spaces, decals are a great idea. They're easy to remove and reposition as your kids grow up, meaning you can afford to have fun and experiment with different styles and looks. 

Our circular terrazzo decals are a quick and super easy way to quickly incorporate some warming tones into your kids' spaces.

Circular Terrazzo Mural Design


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