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Like everything else, certain types of wall art become more or less popular over time - and there’s a few key styles of wall art Australia is loving right now. 

The key to incorporating these trends into your home is to pick a style that will stand the test of time -- and that means choosing pieces that fit with your own personal style and preferences. After all, deciding to modernise your home and fill it with on-trend pieces is never going to make you happy long-term if those pieces don’t fit with your own personal style.

At the moment, it’s all about Australian nature, as Australians justifiably begin to celebrate the many beautiful plants and animals that make our country so unique. 

We’re also seeing a trend of Australians embracing warm, earthy colours and bolder patterns, perhaps a natural evolution after so many years of layered white palettes and clean minimalism. 

We’ve dug into a few of our favourite wall art trends right now and looked at how and why they're making an impact in Australians style preferences. 

Australian Nature Wall Art

It seems like everywhere you look, there’s big and bold wall art featuring Australian plants and animals. Gorgeous, bold prints with bright colours are the pick for many, but we’re also seeing plenty of customers seeing Australian nature photography. 

Native and nearly-native plants like banksia, wattle and proteas are having a big moment in interiors currently, inspiring lots of beautiful patterns and wall art prints. 

Australian Nature Photography

Cockatoo Wall Art

It’s not just native Australian plants having a moment. Australian birds are also very on-trend right now. From black cockatoos to galahs and kookaburras, Australian birds are finally getting the recognition they deserve for their beautiful colours and role in the Australian natural world. 

Cockatoo Wall Art

Boho Wall Art

After many years of Australians embracing minimalistic, clean, white interiors, one of the other key trends clearly having a moment is bohemian style. Think soft dusty pinks, Moroccan-inspired desert oranges and ethereal geometric designs. Boho wall art means embracing the best of natural, earthy colours and shapes and is perfect for creating a warming environment in your home. 

Boho Wall Art

More is more - Wallpaper, florals and chintz

While we’re seeing less of this trend in Australia than other countries are, there’s no doubt ‘cottage-core’ is having an effect on our preferences here too. In short, cottagecore or grandmillenial style means embracing pattern, chintz, layering textures and colours and basically embracing a ‘more is more’ philosophy. 

Floral Wallpaper in a bedroom




As the world remains a strange and unpredictable place, many of us are increasingly converting our homes into cozy, comfortable sanctuaries that make us feel nestled and protected. 

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