Ocean and Beach Wall Art For Every Water Lovers' Home

If you're looking for wall art for a beach-side property or just want a year-round reminder of the magic of the ocean, our ocean and beach wall art and canvas print options might just be what you're looking for. 

There are a few styles popular when choosing a little piece of the ocean for your home. 

Wild Ocean Photographic Coastal Wall Art

This ocean inspired wall art is a gorgeous aerial shot of waves crashing onto the shore. It's available as an art print or stretched canvas, and we can do it profile or landscape orientation depending on your preference.  As a default, it comes in profile for an art print and landscape for a stretched canvas print. 

Photograph featuring waves crashing on rocks


Bondi Icebreakers Stretched Canvas Print

This piece will be well recognisable to any lover of this famous beach.

If you like your home or workplace to feel like summer all year round, Bondi is the perfect piece of wall art for you! This piece looks great in any frame colour, but we love it most finished in our oak frame. It features a woman overlooking one of the world's most recognisable ocean pools and is the perfect hit of ocean blue for any space.

Bondi Icebreakers framed wall art canvas print

Birds Eye View Photographic Print

Birds Eye View is a classic and timeless piece coastal ocean photograph you'll want to hang pride of place for many years to come. 

Aerial Ocean Rocks photographic wall art

Lighthouse Stretched Canvas Wall Art

This beautiful, turquoise piece is designed to provide a splash of underwater calm to your space.  Lighthouse is perfect for a beach house, coastal home or anywhere else you want its calming touch. 

Lighthouse photographic wall art canvas print

A Day At The Beach Stretched Canvas Wall Art

A Day On The Beach is a gorgeous coastal piece featuring a crowd on the beach, enjoying a beautiful day in the sun. 

People On The Beach Stretched Canvas Wall Art

Surf - Aerial Beach Ocean Wall Art

This beautiful aerial shows a few people scattered and swinging along an isolated beach. 

Surf Aerial Beach Shot

Bluebottle Jellyfish framed canvas wall art

This simple, timeless print in blue and white is elegant and calming.

Bluebottle jellyfish art print


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