Key wall art tends for 2020

It’s hard to look too far into the future, but with 2020 just around the corner, it’s worth peaking into our interior design crystal balls to see what wall art we’re going to see jumping off the shelves and onto our walls in 2020.

We bailed up our design team and pulled together our top predictions for 2020 below, based on key design trends we’re seeing on the rise in 2019.

Turquoise and Emerald Wall Art

For a few years, it’s been all about the pastel simplicity of scandi and it seemed wall art buyers couldn’t get enough of blush tones, coppers, pinks and pale yellows. But now, the richer tones of dark blues and emerald greens are back in vogue – and we’ve got the perfect selection of wall art to match! Paired with gold and black, rich and decadent hues are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and rich sophistication to your space. Stormy Seas (below) perfectly captures the beautiful, rich blues we’re seeing trend upwards.


Nature-based Wall Art

We’re seeing a real rise in people searching for nature based imagery for their walls. Beautiful jungle prints, close ups of foliage and ferns and lush rainforest images are the perfect way to bring a bit of the wild indoors. We’re still seeing a lot of love for our monstera prints, and we don’t expect that to drop away any time soon! They’re big and lush and leafy and green and who doesn’t love that? Meanwhile, we’re starting to see ferns making a much-deserved come-back too. Prints like Green Wall (below) have enough of an exotic, deep dark rainforest feel to pull you right into the darkness…

Green Wall Framed Canvas Wall Art

Beach Wall Art

Most people love the beach and here in Australia, we’re lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So, it’s perhaps no surprise that I Heart Art’s beach scenes have proven to be perennially popular! No matter where around the country you live, chances are you’ve got fond memories of days soaking up the sun and surf, which is why most of us have positive responses to a beautiful beach scene hung high on the wall! With the blues and greens they generally feature also very much in vogue, our beach scenes are a constant hit with people shopping for homes by the sea or in the suburbs. Our print Bondi, below, is one of our best sellers and with the enduring popularity of the ocean, perhaps that’s no surprise.

Bondi Beach IceBreakers Framed Canvas Wall Art

Bright Abstract Wall Art

Bright abstracts are hard to go past if you’re looking to brighten up your space in 2020. Our abstract prints have seen a real resurgence in recent times and we’re expecting that to continue in 2020 as we continue to build our range. Pinks and turquoises are always winners, but why stop there? Bright and bold is always better, particularly if you’ve got a neutral space in need of a lift. Burnt Forest is a best-seller at the moment, fitting with a number of key trends. 

There you have it! A few of our top tips for 2020, according to our design team. What would you add to the list?


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