Australian native birds and botanicals wall art

Australian native botanicals and birds are definitely having a moment in wall art right now.

With increasing awareness of the natural world, many of us are choosing to adorn our walls with reminders of the beautiful plants, animals and birds we live alongside.

 At I Heart Wall Art, we can’t get enough of canvas prints of beautiful birds and foliage displayed against textural backdrops. Our linen series displays birds and plants in front of linen backdrops in a range of colours. This simple way of displaying birds gives them a contemporary vibe and ensures they really pop off the walls.

We’ve pulled together a few of the pieces we’re loving most below.

 Kingfisher Art Print and Stretched Canvas Print

This gorgeous bird’s natural colours of copper and turquoise are very on-trend. This piece is available against a turquoise linen background to really make the colours sing.

Kingfisher Framed Linen Art Print

Cockatoo Stand Off Wall Art

This gorgeous pair are two of our favourites. Get one or both of them and hang them side by side where they can spend eternity locked in a stand off! These prints are framed against a dark grey linen background. 

Pink cockatoo and sulphur crested cockatoo art print

Protea Art Print Canvas Wall Art

Proteas are definitely having a moment right now. This gorgeous piece is framed against a neutral linen backdrop. In natural shades of red and green, it's the perfect understated piece for stylish living and sleeping spaces. 

Protea art print canvas wall art

Shy Pink Cockatoo Framed Canvas Wall Art

This gorgeous pink cockatoo is staring shyly over her shoulder. She has a neutral linen colour background and looks amazing when framed in an oak colour floating frame. She's also available as an art print, here

Pink Cockatoo on linen canvas wall art

Peahen Art Print and Stretched Canvas Wall Art

Alright, this one isn't strictly a native Australian bird BUT we think she's so beautiful, it's worth including her in this round up anyway. 

Blue Parrot Framed Canvas Art Print

Finally, this gorgeous parrot is another one from the maybe-not-native-to-Australia-but-very-beautiful-anyway files. It's available as a stretched canvas or art print. 

Lorikeet Stretched Canvas Print

Lorikeets are one of the cheekiest birds getting around and they're also kind of noisy... BUT their beautiful colours more than make up for their notorious squawk! This cheeky fella is a perfect bright and bold wall art for any lover of these beautiful Australian birds. The bold colours look perfect against a neutral linen backdrop of the canvas.

Lorikeet canvas wall art print

Amira Rahim's Eucalyptus Framed Canvas Wall Art

This beautiful abstract piece is a gorgeous rendering of the soft colours of the Australian bush. If you're looking for a piece that's a subtle nod to the colours of Australia, this piece is an absolute favourite here at I Heart Wall Art HQ. 

Amira Rahim Eucalyptus 

Eucalyptus Branch Stretched Canvas Framed Art Print

If it's simplicity you seek, this gorgeous simple watercolour features a hanging branch against a simple white background. It looks fantastic in a black frame with a simple white mat, or hung in a white frame as pictured here. 

Eucalyptus Simple Print Wall Art Canvas

Hanging Gardens Art Print - Available with multiple background colours

This is another simple print, but it's available with a range of background colours so you can match it to your decor. Choose the perfect piece to compliment your home and get it custom made as an art print or on a stretched canvas. 

Hanging Gardens simple print wall art  

Eucalyptus Blossom Canvas Artwork.

A limited edition print of an original artwork. It's perfect for anyone seeking a statement piece, with its strong pink colours contrasting beautifully with a navy blue background. 

 Gumnut Blossom Canvas Wall Art

 Leave us a comment - we'd love to hear which one's your favourite!

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