Abstract Wall Art

Gorgeous, swirling designs that evoke emotion and bring colour, shape and energy into your space. Our abstract wall art collection is perfect for any lover of bold, or understated abstract art. We have a large and growing range of pieces available on stretched canvases, with or without floating frames.  Abstract art is perfect for people searching for something unique for their space. We have abstract wall art by a range of artists from around the world, so you're sure to find the perfect piece for your space.   

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Ink Blot - Two Piece Black and White Ink Blot Stretched Canvas Wall Art

$79.00 – $389.00
2 x 20cm wide x 30cm high panels2 x 40cm wide x 60cm high panels2 x 50cm wide x 75cm high panels2 x 60cm wide x 90cm high2 x a1 art print (paper)2 x a2 art print (paper)2 x a3 art print (unframed)